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  UCA Recording is an intimate, Auckland-based digital facility specializing in music restoration and the preparation of audio for CD and internet delivery

Mastering for CD and Download

Mastering is the art of making your final mixes sound polished and consistent across all tracks and playable on as many forms of sound system as possible
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Music Restoration
Resurrect your old or archived recordings. UCA Recording can digitize and clean up your recordings from tape, vinyl and many other recorded sources
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Who are we?

Since our beginnings in Wellington in 1987 as a tape-based recording studio,
UCA Recording has produced and mastered innumerable successful albums. Clients include the Naxos/White Cloud label for whom we produced the 2004 Grammy® Award winner Tibetan Sacred Ceremonies. Other long-term clients include
German label Singing Frog, various New Zealand Government departments, Philip Riley Music, and educational resource provider

UCA Recording is located in Auckland, New Zealand and is managed by producer and world music artist David Antony Clark

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